House of Comments 56 – A pretty straight sort of guy

By Emma.

Episode 56 of the House of Comments podcast “A Pretty Straight Sort of Guy” was recorded on Sunday and was out yesterday. This week myself and Mark Thompson analyse Tony Blair’s latest comments about the UK political scene with respect to Labour in particular, Iain Duncan-Smith’s suggestion that wealthy pensioners should hand back their universal benefits and we look ahead to the upcoming local elections.
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If you are a political blogger and wish to be considered as a future guest please drop me an e-mail through the contact page.
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PS: A big thanks to Audioboo for hosting the podcast for us and especially to Audioboo’s James O’Malley who has helped us out getting relaunched. James is also editor of The Pod Delusion podcast which is about “interesting things” and is well worth a listen too! We would also like to thank Kevin MacLeod from for our theme music.

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