8 years ago I was made redundant from a terrible job in advertising sales. Instead of getting another terrible sales job, I opted to live on beans and rice for a few months as an Intern at the Fabian Society and pursue a career in the always weird and sometimes wonderful world of¬†politics. Luckily, I came second in applying for a job at the Fabians that the number one applicant didn’t want. So eventually I got the job, and haven’t looked back since.

After a two year stint with the Fabs, I spent a year becoming disillusioned with the democracy movement working for the Power Inquiry (which has since risen again as Power 2010). I then spent nearly three years as the National Coordinator of SERA, Labour’s Environment Campaign – three of the best and busiest years of my life.

Since leaving SERA I have tried on a number of hats with diminishing returns – I was even a lobbyist for a time, a career move which suited neither me nor my employers.

I am now a professional campaigner having worked in both housing and adult education.

I eat, sleep, breathe and tweet Labour politics, but don’t find I have a natural faction within the party agreeing and disagreeing with pretty much everyone alarmingly regularly.



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